The Eradiate radiative transfer model, designed during the MetEOC-3 project, was subsequently funded for development by the European Space Agency, and a first public release issued in the Spring of 2022. This calibration/validation-oriented model, aiming at high accuracy, is a European contribution towards bringing metrology to space applications. MetEOC-3 supported the design of a new… Read More

Marking a halfway reporting milestone, on 14 September 2022 EURAMET published its MetEOC-4 Publishable Summary that highlights significant recent progress made toward the long-term objective of the MetEOC series: development of an SI-traceable climate observation system. As with preceding projects in this series, MetEOC-4 encompasses a diverse range of research activities, structured according to four… Read More

Very good agreement shown for¬†irradiance measurements made by novel lightweight Hemispherical Blackbody infrared sensor developed in MetEOC projects compared to reference Tilted Bottom Cavity BB2007 instrument of PMOD/WRC.¬† Presented as an ePoster on Thursday 25 November 2021 at the the European Space Agency ATMOS-2021¬†conference, Blackbody Comparison Measurements for Improved Traceability of Longwave Downward Radiation Measurements… Read More