Marking a halfway reporting milestone, on 14 September 2022 EURAMET published its MetEOC-4 Publishable Summary that highlights significant recent progress made toward the long-term objective of the MetEOC series: development of an SI-traceable climate observation system. As with preceding projects in this series, MetEOC-4 encompasses a diverse range of research activities, structured according to four… Read More

Very good agreement shown for irradiance measurements made by novel lightweight Hemispherical Blackbody infrared sensor developed in MetEOC projects compared to reference Tilted Bottom Cavity BB2007 instrument of PMOD/WRC.  Presented as an ePoster on Thursday 25 November 2021 at the the European Space Agency ATMOS-2021 conference, Blackbody Comparison Measurements for Improved Traceability of Longwave Downward Radiation Measurements… Read More

Meteoc-2 site visit to observe an example of site characterisation field work Agnieszka Bialek and Claire Greenwell of NPL visited the CNES site at La Crau, France, part of RadCalNet, a prototype network of automated vicarious satellite reference sites. This visit was one of four planned visits to RadCalNet prototype sites during the MetEOC 2 project,… Read More

The Gimballed Limb Observer for Radiance Imaging of the Atmosphere (GLORIA) is a German airborne imaging FTS (Fourier Transform Spectrometer) capable of operating on various airborne platforms for sensing dynamics and chemistry of the UTLS (Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere) region. The instrument is a joint development of the research centers KIT (Karlsruher Institut für… Read More

PTB reports on the spectral radiance, radiance temperature and emissivity measurements by instrumentation for radiation thermometry and emissivity measurement under vacuum and in a liquid nitrogen cooled environment at its Reduced Background Calibration Facility (RBCF), for the Ninth International Temperature Symposium. AIP Conference Proceedings (restricted access): C. Monte, B. Gutschwager, A. Adibekyan, M. Kehrt, F. Olschewski,… Read More