One of the goals of MetEOC-3 is to provide  traceability for estimating terrestrial biophysical Essential Climate Variable (ECV) products through in situ, airborne and satellite measurements. Satellite-derived ECV products and the algorithms they use depend on empirical in situ measurements collected on the ground, which requires long term monitoring at field sites. However, ground data… Read More

The European reference radiative transfer model was renamed as Eradiate. Information and news about the model are available at In this post, we summarise the requirements elicitation process and give a brief overview of ongoing activities. A part of the activities taking place in the framework of MetEOC-3 consists in laying foundations for the development… Read More

SPECCHIO is a spectral information system designed to hold reference spectra and spectral campaign data obtained by spectroradiometers. MetEOC-3 is going to use a dedicated SPECCHIO spectral information system instance to deal with the multifaceted spectral point data accumulated in various activities related to sensor CAL/VAL. MetEOC-3 is going to use a dedicated SPECCHIO spectral… Read More