Nigel Fox DisCUSSES TRUTHS satellite in article ‘Beyond Recycling: Using Photonics to Save the Planet’

Beyond Recycling: Using Photonics to Save the Planet

Overview of environmental application of photonics applications, including MetEOC,  published in the November 2011 issue of – from European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC).

Among quotes from MetEOC project coordinator Nigel Fox:

When it comes to detecting and quantifying man-made influences on the environment, size, cost and, above all, reliability, are key.

“As many of the environmental issues require spectrally resolved information of varying degrees of resolution, the ability to do this is one of the drivers,” Fox said. “The need to have technology to allow accurate characterization and calibration is also a trigger and one which I am directly involved in. In space applications, there is a drive to make full use of the electromagnetic spectrum and to do this in an imaging mode.” With the technology set to go, all that remains is to secure the approximately £50 million (about $80 million) needed to get the satellite launched. If achieved, the TRUTHS satellite could take orbit in about three years.