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Training developed for MetEOC-3

Climate Data Records from Satellites: A Metrological Approach

Specialism: Specialist

Skill Level: Intermediate Level

Delivery Method: e-Learning

Duration: Approx. 1 Day

Course Status: Available

Price: Free

Training developed for MetEOC-2

Uncertainty Analysis for Earth Observation

The ‘Uncertainty Analysis for Earth Observation’ e-Learning course introduces a structured approach to uncertainty analysis applied to the radiometric and spectral calibration of instruments used in Earth observation applications. The course focuses on how to apply uncertainty analysis, taking users through a step-by-step application of concepts to real laboratory and field examples.

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The course ran in July 2014 and February 2015.

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Videos of the February 2015 course are available below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Political Framework
  3. Law of Propagation of Uncertainties
  4. Steps to a Budget
  5. The Measurement Equation
  6. Validating Uncertainties
  7. Example – The APEX imager
  8. Pre-flight Calibration