Theme 1: Level 1 satellite traceability

An objective of MetEOC is to develop a robust metrological chain (infrastructure and methods) to trace to the SI a new generation of highly accurate, cost-effective sensors, for a space-based climate observing system, suitable for pre- and in-flight measurements, prioritising requirements of mission studies such as TRUTHS and FORUM.

MetEOC-4 will extend state-of-the-art pre-flight techniques to address challenges of future missions where high-accuracy SI-traceability (demands of climate) are critical.

For example, the ESA FORUM mission, needs spectral scales extended from 50 to 100 μm and uncertainties equivalent to <0.1 K.

Prototyped in MetEOC and now an ESA Earth Watch mission, TRUTHS has an aim to replicate NMI capabilities in space. It requires pre-flight calibration to match.

In-flight standards to maintain traceability for limb-sounders on stratospheric balloons will also be developed.

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