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The Eradiate radiative transfer model, designed during the MetEOC-3 project, was subsequently funded for development by the European Space Agency, and a first public release issued in the Spring of 2022. This calibration/validation-oriented model, aiming at high accuracy, is a European contribution towards bringing metrology to space applications. MetEOC-3 supported the design of a new radiative transfer model to enable calibration/validation activities in remote sensing. This activity, described in a January 2019 update, produced input for developing the Eradiate radiative transfer model, which since March 2019 has been funded by the European Commission through the Copernicus programme, under the supervision of the European Space Agency. Accurate radiative transfer simulation, without the headaches The first development phase of Eradiate concluded in April …

Rayference helps bring metrology to Earth observation applications with its Eradiate 3D radiative transfer simulation software Read More »

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