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Three quarters through EMPIR MetEOC-4, the first in-person meeting during the project on 15 & 16 December at PTB, Berlin, proved a valuable and timely opportunity for the whole project team to share progress face-to-face. As well as presenting updates on developing metrological tools and likely uptake, the team also got the chance to view, up close, impressive new hardware in PTB’s historic basement labs. This fourth in the series of Metrology for Earth Observation and Climate (MetEOC) EMPIR projects — that supports climate observation communities by improving understanding of the drivers of climate change — was hosted at the birthplace of quantised thermal radiation physics. Indeed, PTB showed off hardware developed in the project, including a new type of lightweight …

MetEOC-4 month 27 progress meeting: a warm welcome from PTB over two cold days in Berlin Read More »

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Very good agreement shown for irradiance measurements made by novel lightweight Hemispherical Blackbody infrared reference developed in MetEOC projects when compared to reference Tilted Bottom Cavity BB2007 instrument of PMOD/WRC.  Presented as an ePoster on Thursday 25 November 2021 at the the European Space Agency ATMOS-2021 conference, Blackbody Comparison Measurements for Improved Traceability of Longwave Downward Radiation Measurements (ID: 174), by Moritz Feierabend1, Julian Gröbner2, Max Reiniger1, Christian Monte1. —- Understanding climate change starts with understanding the greenhouse effect. This in turn requires knowledge about the infrared radiation that reaches the ground from the atmosphere – the so-called longwave downward radiation. Data on longwave downward radiation is being constantly collected by means of specific infrared detectors found at multiple stations around the globe. To …

Blackbody Comparison Makes Infrared Radiation Measurements of the Atmosphere More Reliable Read More »

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