Round-up of recently published papers authored by MetEOC-4 participants

The last few months are seen something of a flurry of papers related to MetEOC-4 published in peer-reviewed journals, each featuring innovative and impactful outcomes we encourage you to view and download.

Four papers have been published so far this year out of a total of 15 to date. In addition, ahead of publication, the paper Traceability of surface longwave irradiance measurements to SI using the IRIS radiometers is available as a pre-print for rapid dissemination.

Accessible papers freely viewable online are tabulated below. Dive in!


Lead author Title Journal Publication date
Veronica Escober Ruiz A novel C-band radar-drone for forest canopy profile characterization International Journal of Remote Sensing 21 April 2023
Ilaria Cazzaniga AERONET-OC LWN uncertainties: revisited Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 31 Mar 2023
Moritz Feierabend Bilateral Comparison of Irradiance Scales between PMOD/WRC and PTB for Downwelling Longwave Irradiance Measurements Metrologia 20 March 2023
Andreas Hueni Uncertainty Support in the Spectral Information System SPECCHIO IEEE Journal Of Selected Topics In Applied Earth Observations And Remote Sensing 2 Mar 2023
Kim Calders Laser scanning reveals potential underestimation of biomass carbon in temperate forest Ecological Solutions and Evidence 19 December 2022
Julian Gröbner Traceability of surface longwave irradiance measurements to SI using the IRIS radiometers (pre-print for rapid dissemination) AIP Conference Proceedings December 3, 2022 (pre-print)
Frédéric Mélin Validation of ocean color remote sensing reflectance data: Analysis of results at European coastal sites Remote Sensing of Environment October 2022
Bastian Buman Towards consistent assessments of in situ radiometric measurements for the validation of fluorescence satellite missions Remote Sensing of Environment 1 June 2022
Giuseppe Zibordi Assessment of OLCI-A and OLCI-B radiometric data products across European seas Remote Sensing of Environment April 2022
Pieter De Vis Ancillary data uncertainties within the SeaDAS uncertainty budget Remote Sensing 21 January 2022
Frédéric Mélin From Validation Statistics to Uncertainty Estimates: Application to VIIRS Ocean Color Radiometric Products at European Coastal Locations Frontiers in Marine Science 23 December 2021
Giuseppe Zibordi Uncertainty estimate of satellite-derived normalized water-leaving radiance IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Letters 10 December 2021
Fanny Petibon Uncertainties in measurements of leaf optical properties are small compared to the biological variation within and between individuals of European beech Remote Sensing of Environment October 2021
Moritz Feierabend Development and operation of the Hemispherical Blackbody (HSBB) for the calibration of infrared radiometers with a hemispherical acceptance angle Optics Express 2022
Frédéric Mélin Sensitivity of Ocean Color Atmospheric Correction to Uncertainties in Ancillary Data: A Global Analysis with SeaWiFS Data IEEE Transactions Geoscience & Remote Sensing 2022
Simon A. Trim Spectroradiometer spectral calibration, ISRF shapes, and related uncertainties Applied Optics 2021