Project update

This part of MetEOC-1 utilised and refined the infrastructure created in the opening part of the project through 1) the characterisation of stray-light properties of an airborne hyper-spectral imager and set of ocean colour sensors using the spectrally tuneable laser, 2) construction and testing of a large aperture radiance source (lamp), 3) pre- and post-flight characterisation of the new black bodies used for in-flight calibration and, 4) the design of a new LED-based, self-calibrating radiometer, as well as testing of its constituent components.

D’Odorico, P., Gonsamo, A., Damm, A. and Schaepman, M.E. of RSL have their paper ‘Experimental evaluation of Sentinel-2 spectral response functions for NDVI time-series continuity‘ published in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing