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Outreach Activities

Take part in a survey tracking attitudes to climate change across Europe: A short survey across European countries is being conducted to understand how attitudes to climate change, and understanding of the importance of measurement, varies across demographics. Take the survey here

Write a short article about climate change for your chance to be published in The Ecologist magazine

New Scientist Live: London, 22-25 September 2016


Training Courses

Uncertainty for Earth Observation Training Course

This course has run in July 2014 and February 2015. The course text book can be freely downloaded here

The course presentations are available for download:

  1. Introduction
  2. Political Framework
  3. Law of Propagation of Uncertainties
  4. Steps to a Budget
  5. The Measurement Equation
  6. Validating Uncertainties
  7. Example - The APEX imager
  8. Pre-flight Calibration

More information about future running of the course available here


Past Training Courses

Uncertainty analysis for Earth Observation Instrument Calibration
October 2015

Introduction to terrestrial and airborne laser scanning: multisource remote sensing data integration and applications for environmental and forest sciences
April 2015, Brazil

Uncertainty analysis for Earth Observation Instrument Calibration
February 2015

Remote Sensing
October 2014, China